Frequently Asked Questions

Can my roof be repaired, as opposed to replaced?

More often than not, it depends on the shingles. A shingle reaches a certain lifespan and a certain condition where it becomes impossible to take out the shingle without damaging the other shingles in the area. At this point, it generally is advised to just replace the roof.

Can Southline Roofing wash dirt and grime off of my roof?

Any pressure or rubbing of the shingles will reduce the lifespan of the shingle. Usually, there’s not anything we can do to remove the algae from your roof; at this point, it’s generally recommended to simply replace the roof.

Are metal roofs or shingled roofs better?

Metal roofing panels do not deteriorate anywhere near as fast as shingles. Typically, metal roofing panels do not deteriorate for approximately 40 years; shingles, on the other hand, generally begin to deteriorate after 20 years. However, metal roofing panels will start to rust within 20-25 years, meaning that they will lose their curb appeal.

What is metal roofing?

When it comes to metal roofing, there are multiple profiles that are designed for specific areas and roofs. The two common systems are a hidden fastener system and an exposed fastener system. The hidden systems are typically used in residential homes; the panels are smaller and more bendable to help increase curb appeal. These come in copper (which can last for up to 80 years!), aluminum, or galvanized steel. The exposed fastener system is used for commercial buildings, such as barns and industrial buildings; these have much larger panels, which require more maintenance and must be replaced every 15 years. However, these are cost-effective.

How does a roof warranty work?

Most shingles in the market come with a 50-year limited lifetime warranty when using their preferred contractors. Using their preferred contractors that they work with provides 100% coverage on the material (defective, recalls, or anything else that may be wrong with them) for 50 years. However, there is a second primary type of coverage. The premium warranty covers the labor, and waterproofing coverage is only up to 10-15 years, depending on the systems that you purchased. After ten years, the warranty begins to pro-rate. Meaning, if you were to file a claim in 20 years, you’d only get 60% coverage. This is all assuming you are the original owner.


Can you install shingles over an existing shingles system, or does the old shingles system have to be removed first?

It is highly recommended to remove the existing shingles before the installation of a new shingles system. The reason is that by removing the existing shingles system, you’re able to view the roof’s structure, and can identify and repair any repairs that may be required. This helps reduce the amount of asphalt on your roof.

Does spray foam installation impact my roof?

Both open cell and closed cell foam installation have been proven to not impact the lifespan of the shingles, or compromise them in any way. However, some adjustments to the utility vent would be required so the spray foam pressure does not close off the ventilation.

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