Hail Damage Repair

Have you weathered a storm involving hail? Do you know whether or not that hail has had an impact on your roof? Contact our team today and we will help make sure you’re safe.

A Thousand High-Speed Impacts on Your Roof

Imagine an endless barrage of golf balls being struck, full force, by professional golfers, with each one of them striking the roof of your house. That’s about the scale of the attack your roof faces in the event of a hailstorm, which as residents of South Carolina know happens frequently throughout the summertime. The impact from hail can cause cracks, dents, holes, and other assorted types of damage to your roof. Combine the impact of the hail with the powerful winds that often come along with it, and your house could potentially be facing a disastrous amount of damage if a hailstorm strikes.

In such situations, it’s strongly recommended to not leave anything up to assumptions or guesswork and to get your roof examined immediately. If a violent hailstorm does wreak havoc upon your house, you need a team of trusted professionals with years of experience in not only identifying and then fixing any damage that may have been done by the hail or wind but shoring up any potential problem areas on your roof ahead of the next hailstorm as well. Specifically, you need a team of trusted professionals at Southline Roofing & Exteriors.

Our team of skilled experts will make sure that your roof is repaired from the most recent hailstorm, and then prepared for the next one by having potential weak spots detected and addressed. If you suspect that your roof may have sustained damage from a recent hailstorm, don’t wait- call us today and get it fixed!


– J.C.R.

“I looked up roofers in Google and Southline Roofing was among many. I needed quotes to figure out how much this venture was going to cost. At the time I made a short list of prospective roofers, Southline made the cut. I called Southline, Ignacio got back with me and we made an appointment for him to come out and give me a quote. He came out, sent up his drone, took pictures and explained exactly what he would do to replace my roof, which had shingle damage from previous storms. He showed me the different shingles he uses and talked to me about the make, the manufacturer and the warranty re: each brand shingle he used. 24 hours after our meeting, Ignacio emailed me a quote, which beat out the quote I got from another roofer. We scheduled a date and time for the job to begin. Ignacio assured me that he would complete the job in one day and he did just that. His team came to the house around 7:30 – 7:45AM. I made sure the driveway was clear. I came back to the house around 5:30PM, at which time, his team of workers were ALL-HANDS-ON-DECK. They finished up around 9PM that evening and the yard looked untouched, INCREDIBLE! My family and I Thank-you.”

Need Help with Your Insurance Claim?

Homeowners along the South Carolina coast are no strangers to extreme weather conditions. Whether it’s hail, heavy winds, lightning, or any natural phenomenon beyond your control, Southline Roofing & Exteriors is prepared to work with your insurance company to bring your home back to its pre-storm condition.

We work with all insurance carriers, making sure you get a fair assessment from your provider. Leave it to our insurance specialists to handle all the ins and outs of your insurance claims including proper documentation, sketching, and reports. We can also help with interior damage due to roof failures including drywall, AC, etc.

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