Wind Damage Repair

Has your home recently been in the path of a powerful tropical storm or a hurricane? Do you suspect your home may have suffered wind damage? Allow our team of skilled professionals to remove the uncertainty and give you a concrete diagnosis of your home. Contact us today!

The Power of Wind Damage

In some cases, you may be able to tell immediately when your house has been victimized by the wind. Amidst the monotony of the howling wind, you may hear a crack, or a thud, or even the shattering of glass as a result of a tree falling onto your house, in which case you’ve got your answer: yes, your house has suffered wind damage. Other times, however, the wind may cause problems that you’re not immediately aware of, such as dislodging a shingle or even ripping off a small portion of your roof. But just because you aren’t aware of them doesn’t mean they don’t need to be addressed. Even if the damage caused by the wind doesn’t lead to any serious destruction, it could pave the way for the next storm to do so- and that’s what Southline Roofing is here to help prevent from happening.

If you think your house has taken wind damage, it’s best to be proactive and not wait around. Call our team of trusted experts today and get it taken care of!


– Chip Perkins

“Ignacio did a great job evaluating our roof and working with our insurance adjuster. His team did a great job replacing my roof. Ignacio did a great job explaining the process and answering our questions each day. They took lots of pictures so we could monitor the progress. His crew was on time, professional, and worked really hard. They did a super job removing debris and cleaning up all the loose nails and material in the gutters and yard. No detail was overlooked and Ignacio made sure we were totally satisfied with the job. I would highly recommend this company to neighbors and friends. These guys were pros! Very responsive to my every need.”

Do you need help with your insurance claim?

Homeowners along the South Carolina coast are no strangers to extreme weather conditions. Whether it’s hail, heavy winds, lightning, or any natural phenomenon beyond your control, Southline Roofing & Exteriors is prepared to work with your insurance company to bring your home back to its pre-storm condition.

We work with all insurance carriers, making sure you get a fair assessment from your provider. Leave it to our insurance specialists to handle all the ins and outs of your insurance claims including proper documentation, sketching, and reports. We can also help with interior damage due to roof failures including drywall, AC, etc.

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