Answering Your Roofing FAQS

Feb 14, 2021 | Education, Roof Information

We all have questions. It’s such a regular part of life that we even have Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) pages to help. We got to thinking about some of the questions we’ve dealt with in the past and thought this was an ideal opportunity to help by answering your roofing FAQs.

Why Does a Roof Need Ventilation?

During the summer months, especially here in the Lowcountry, heat builds up. This heat also leads to a build-up of moisture, made worse by the storm season that coincides with it. Proper ventilation for your roof helps reduce this moisture build-up, thus leading to a longer-lasting roof by preventing curling and distortion.

How Often Should I Have My Gutters Cleaned?

To some degree, this depends on where you live. In an area with more trees and falling leaves, you will have to clean more often, perhaps 3 or 4 times a year. However, as a standard rule you should have your gutters cleaned twice a year.

When Should I Replace My Roof?

For this question, we’re not talking about significant damage, such as storm damage from hurricanes. Instead, we are talking about the natural life cycle of a roof. When it comes to replacing your roof, under those circumstances, it’s all about the materials. As a general rule, composition shingles can last between 12-20 years, asphalt 15-30 years, and wood about 20-25 years. This is also where regular roof inspections come in handy as they will help identify if the life cycle is nearing its end.

When Should I Replace My Gutters?

Again this question largely depends on the material that your gutters are built out of. However, there is generally less variance in gutter construction, so we feel comfortable saying that, as a general rule, you should replace your gutters every 20 years. Remember, normal care can help you extend the life of your gutters.

How Often Should I Have My Roof Inspected?

We are big believers in the roof inspection. It helps you identify any potential damage so it can be repaired easily. Additionally, it can help you handle any sort of insurance claims resulting from weather such as hurricanes. The good rule of thumb with your roof inspection is to take a look at it twice a year. We recommend one of those be right before storm season begins to help establish a baseline for your roof entering into this potentially dangerous time.

We Don’t Roof Around

No matter how much we prepare for severe weather, there’s always a chance that we will suffer a loss because of a hurricane or similar event. Our team at Southline Roofing & Exteriors, LLC knows this because we’re your storm damage repair source. When your roof has been damaged by severe storms, our team helps you every step of the way from filing the claim to completing the repair, so you can get back to normal. If you have a need for storm repairs or questions on preparation, contact us today!

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