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At Southline Roofing & Exteriors, we understand that your home is your most precious investment. As such, it deserves nothing short of the greatest quality results. No job is too big or too small for us; from roof installation to shingle replacement and everything in between, our experts will ensure that your home is in the best shape it can possibly be in.

Our roofing services

Southline Roofing & Exteriors provides the following Roofing services:

Shingle Roof Repair & Installation

No home is complete without a roof to protect its inhabitants or tenants from the elements of nature. By the same token, a roof that is installed must do more than the bare minimum of providing shelter from the sun’s rays and rain. A roof must provide excellent protection, with structural integrity that sets it up for a long life span.

Roof Repair

A wide variety of elements can damage or weaken a roof, ranging from falling tree branches to hail and everything in between. Even humidity can hurt your roof’s lifespan! If you notice mold or a stray shingle that’s torn off, don’t ignore it- give our team a call before it develops into something more problematic.

Roof Replacement

Every roof is only designed to last for so long. Even if you properly maintain it, there’s going to come a time when it needs to be replaced. Our team can set you up with a new roof that looks great, maintains structural integrity, and lasts for many years to come.

Metal Roof Installation

Metal roofing is primarily used on coastal homes throughout the Lowcountry area due to the high winds that occur. The primary difference between shingles and metal roofing is that metal roofs can withstand up to 150 MPH winds and can last for up to 70 years if cared for properly! Shingle roofs, on the other hand, tend to last no more than 25 years. Metal roofs also require less maintenance, which only includes treating any scratches and corrosion.

If you like the way metal roofs look, but have a shingle roof and are unsure if you’re able to make the switch, fear not- the answer is yes! You are indeed able to convert your shingle roof to a metal roof system with just some extra modifications. If you’re interested in making the switch, reach out to our team of roofing experts today!

Architectural shingle roofs

Looking to go the extra mile with your roof and give them that additional dimension of curb appeal? You just might want an architectural shingle roof.

Storm Damage ROOF REPAIR

The more tenacious storms that blow through the Charleston area can spell trouble for even the strongest roofs. Wind can cause trees to fall on roofs, hail can nick or even puncture holes in your roof, and water can cause leaks. If your roof has been damaged by a storm, no need to panic- our team will fix the damage and make your roof look good as new!

Gutter installation

Gutters are meant for more than just decoration. When installed correctly, gutters serve as a vital part of your home because they help protect your home from mold and other types of water damage.


Your home is in its best state when it both looks good and is foundationally sound. That goes for all elements of the exterior of your home, not just your roof. Southline Roofing & Exteriors is well-versed in helping homeowners select the perfect siding for their home, and then installing it with the level of expertise that has made us the premiere name in roofing and exteriors in the Lowcountry.

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Southline Roofing & Exteriors proudly provides our top-notch services throughout the Lowcountry. Learn more about the areas that we serve below.

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