Can You Put A Metal Roof Over A Shingle Roof?

Feb 27, 2023 | Education

Metal roofs are growing in popularity. One of the main reasons they are growing in popularity is because, in most cases, they can be installed over an existing shingle roof. Therefore, their installation does not always require the tearing off of shingles. 

Roofers working on installing a metal roof

Why A Metal Roof

Metal roofs are strong and very lightweight. Compared to asphalt shingles, metal roofs weigh a pound per square foot, and shingles weigh about four pounds per square foot. Adding a metal roof over an existing shingle roof does not add a significant amount of weight for the overall load of the home structure to bear. 

Benefits Of A Metal Roof 

In most cases, the homeowner can save money when installing a metal roof over a shingle roof if the shingles do not need to be removed. Installing a metal roof over a shingle roof can add extra insulation above your home to prevent heat and cool air from escaping. As well as, metal roofs are heat blockers. They reflect heat away rather than absorb it. This benefit allows for lower cooling bills because less heat is being absorbed into your home. Metal roofs have a long life span of 40 to 50 years before replacement is needed. Metal roofs are difficult to damage and hold up to the most intense weather conditions. Living in the Lowcountry, this protection is necessary due to the high winds and rain we receive yearly. They are low maintenance because of their strength and durability. 

Considerations To Make Before Installing A Metal Roof 

In most cases, a metal roof can be installed over a shingle roof. In some cases, a metal roof can not be installed over a shingle roof.  It is best to work with a professional roofer since they will know your local building and zoning requirements. Your roofer should check your shingles for leaks and inspect for rotting rafters and sheeting. Any issues should be addressed and fixed before installation. If your current roof’s weight has caused structural issues and damage, these should be addressed and fixed as well. 

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