Holiday Lighting Safety Tips

Nov 16, 2020 | Education

It’s that time of year again! The time when we start looking to our roofs and thinking about them as blank canvases for beautiful holiday lighting displays. Lots of homeowners look forward to this time all year, ready to set up displays that they’ve built up over the years. No matter whether it’s a few simple strands of lights or full production, you need to be safe when setting up your holiday lights. As roofers, we know a lot about roof safety so we wanted to share our holiday lighting safety tips to help you this season.

Always Work With A Partner

When you’re going to be working on a roof there are a lot of things that can happen. This is why it’s important that you not work alone. Hanging your holiday lights doesn’t need to turn into a tragedy. The second set of eyes can help you see danger before it hits, and the additional hands can make work easier as well. Always work with someone else so you’re safe, and let people know you’ll be up there. Trust us on this one.

Be Careful Where You Step

We inspect a lot of roofs and one thing we can tell you is that there’s often damage up there you can’t see until you’re right on top of it. When you’re installing your holiday lighting, you need to be careful where you step. If a spot on the roof seems soft, don’t put the weight there or you could be experiencing a terrible holiday surprise. More importantly, contact a roofing professional if you do think you’ve found damage and get it addressed immediately.

Check Your Lights

Before you put your lights up you need to take a look at them. Spend some time looking for broken bulbs, loose connections, exposed wires, or anything else that could create a problem when power is running to them. These few moments can save you time by making sure the lights work but also might help prevent an electrical fire as well. An ounce of prevention is worth that pound of cure, as they say.

Do you have your own holiday lighting safety tips? We hope these get added to them!

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