How Moss Can Affect Your Roof If You Don’t Remove It

Jul 23, 2021 | Education

Nobody likes the idea of going through the carefully detailed and at times the painstaking process of picking out a design for their roof, only to watch the pure color of their shingles grow ugly dark green spots. Moss can certainly ruin the look of what would otherwise be a clean, crisp-looking roof, and for that reason alone, most homeowners find it desirable to have it removed as soon as possible.

But there’s another reason that moss should be removed as soon as it’s detected- and frankly, it’s the more pressing one. Allowing moss to develop and then fester on your roof can lead to various types of damage- and these types of damage all cost more to fix than the price of simply having the moss removed, to begin with.

Here are three ways that moss can damage your roof, and thus, your house:

It Opens The Door (Literally) For Water Damage

Moss growing on your roof, especially in large quantities, can significantly increase the porosity of your roof’s tiles. That means that when rain blows through the area, it has a greater chance of seeping through your roof and into your house, which could lead to water damage. If the temperature is especially cold, this could lead to an even greater problem: water that freezes expands, and if this takes place on the wrong spot on your roof, it could rupture a tile. Additionally, if left alone for too long, when the frozen water defrosts, it could pull the tile apart.

It Decreases Your Gutters’ Efficiency

It’s possible for moss to grow inside your gutters, and if it does, it needs to be dealt with immediately. Moss that develops inside your gutters can absorb any water that falls in, and waterlogged moss has a tendency to severely weigh down your gutters and therefore reduce their efficiency. On top of that, moss that grows on your roof can be dislodged from rain or wind and end up in your gutters that way, which would produce the same result. 

It Can Shorten Your Roof’s Lifespan

On top of moss serving as a gateway for water damage by raising the porosity of your roof, the fact that moss loves water, and thus can retain water for a long time brings about the possibility of other types of problems. With water-soaked moss just sitting on your roof for extended periods of time, damage to your roof’s structure is inevitable, as it acts somewhat like a disease to your roof. If nothing is done about moss on your roof, your roofing materials can grow weaker at an exponential rate, decay, and rot, and need to be replaced a lot sooner than they otherwise would need to be replaced. On top of the aggravation, that’s certainly a costlier way to go than to simply have it removed in the first place.

Is your roof growing moss? Don’t wait for it to become a problem- be proactive and have a team of professional roofers gets rid of it before serious damage is done. Call the team of experts at Southline Roofing today!

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