Preparing Your Roof for Hurricane Season

May 14, 2020 | Education

Hurricane season begins June 1st. That’s almost here and the time to prepare for those coming storms is now. We’re big believers that it’s never too early, and you can never be too prepared for severe weather, especially when it comes to your roof. But often we hear people tell us that they don’t know exactly what they need to do to be ready. Not to worry. Here is our quick guide to preparing your roof for hurricane season.

Get an Inspection

A roof inspection is vital in preparing for hurricane season. Why? Simple, because a trained and trusted roofing professional will take a detailed look at your roof, identify any pre-existing damage, and help you get that repaired. Fixing minor damage now can help prevent it from becoming major damage when the extra stress of a hurricane is applied. This will also help you rest easier, knowing your roof is in good condition to ride out the storm.

Clean Gutters

You want to channel water away from your home. This is never more important than during a hurricane, where large amounts of water can pool up very quickly. Making certain your gutters are clean and clear is vital in this process. Clear gutters will channel the water away down the proper drainage, preventing water damage to your home as well as keeping your roof safe.

Trim Overhanging Trees

A major source of roof damage from severe storms comes from knocked down limbs hitting your roof. One great way to prepare for this is to trim the overhanging limbs on trees in your yard. The limbs over your roof are the most likely ones to impact it and cause damage, so make sure you take them out of the equation early.

Review Insurance Coverage

Ultimately bad things can happen no matter what precautions we take. So you want to make sure that you’re covered in the event of hurricane damage. Take this time to review your insurance policy and ask your carrier any questions you may have. It takes time to make changes to your policy, and often there are waiting periods before they take effect. It’s better for these to happen now than during the season when a storm could come at any time. Remember, prevention will save you a lot of money, time, and heartache in the end.

We Don’t Roof Around

No matter how much we prepare for severe weather, there’s always a chance that we will suffer a loss because of a hurricane or similar event. Our team at Southline Roofing & Exteriors, LLC knows this because we’re your storm damage repair source. When your roof has been damaged by severe storms, our team helps you every step of the way from filing the claim to completing the repair, so you can get back to normal. If you have a need for storm repairs or questions on preparation, contact us today!

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