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How to Reduce Streaking and Staining On Roof

Mar 15, 2023 | Education, Roof Information

What Causes Streaking and Staining On Your Roof? 

The simple answer, it’s typically algae that have grown on the roof over time. It can either be blue-green algae or black algae. Algae is a solid deposit of spores and dirt that is another form of mold. The buildup of this algae causes the streaking and staining you see on your roof. 

Since we live in the Lowcountry, we experience humid and wet conditions throughout the year. These wet conditions are the perfect environment for mold and algae growth. Shaded areas of your roof are where mold and algae will thrive the most. 

The algae growth is not immediately damaging to your roof, but over time it can age your shingles prematurely. Over time if left untreated, the algae growth will worsen year after year and trap moisture. 

How to Remove Streaking and Staining: 

It is important to note that you never want to pressure wash your shingles. This can be damaging to your shingles. You should also avoid standing on your roof while cleaning, use a ladder if necessary and extension poles. 

To clean your shingles use a soft bristle brush or broom. Do not use metal brushes. Use a mixture of two parts water and one part detergent. Once you are done cleaning your shingles, rinse them off with water from a hose, using light pressure. Note that if you have any plants on the ground that might receive water runoff, move them if you can, or rinse them off after you finish rinsing your roof. 

How to Avoid Streaking or Staining: 

There are a couple of different ways you can avoid streaking or staining on your roof. If cleaning your roof is a common chore for you, you might want to consider switching to an algae and mold-resistant roof shingle. 

Another treatment that can reduce streaking and staining is to install zinc metal strips at the top of your roof near the ridge caps, above the algae-prone areas. This method works because zinc naturally inhibits algae growth. When rain hits the strips it carries down the zinc and over the shingles. If using this method, keep in mind you need to clean algae that already exists on your roof. This method will help prevent algae, but it will not get rid of algae and mold that already exist. 

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