Roofing Tips for Springtime

Mar 15, 2021 | Education

Spring is in the air and it’s time to think about preparing your roof for a new season. Something that homeowners commonly ignore is the preparation your home will need with a change in the seasons. But what are you supposed to do and look for? Don’t worry. We have some helpful roofing tips for springtime to help you get started.

Take a Look

Let’s start with the easiest thing. Take a quick look at your roof. This is an easy way to assess what needs to be done and should reveal any obvious damage. Granted this isn’t a substitute for a professional roof inspection, but it is a great first step as you get ready for a new season and new conditions for your roof.

Clean Those Gutters

During the Fall and Winter seasons, we see a lot of leaves drop. Those leaves end up in our gutters and on our roofs. Springtime is a rainy season and also the lead up to hurricane season, which begins in the Summer. With this heavy amount of rain, it’s important for us to clean the gutters to help route water away from our roof, keeping it safe and sound during these rainy seasons.

Trim Your Trees

One major hazard to your roof during storm seasons is the branches hanging over your roof. Trimming those branches is pretty common for this time of year. Doing this now will reduce the likelihood that this branch will later become a source of damage during a storm. Take that time now and save some time, money, and heartache later.

Get an Inspection

A professional roof inspection is an incredible way to assess any damage and set yourself up for needed repairs. Additionally, it will help establish a baseline for the condition of your roof heading into hurricane season. This will come in handy if you need to file a claim for damages and help speed the process up. While you’re already doing the work in other areas, maybe it’s time to go ahead and get a professional inspection.

We Don’t Roof Around

No matter how much we prepare for severe weather, there’s always a chance that we will suffer a loss because of a hurricane or similar event. Our team at Southline Roofing & Exteriors, LLC knows this because we’re your storm damage repair source. When your roof has been damaged by severe storms, our team helps you every step of the way from filing the claim to completing the repair, so you can get back to normal. If you have a need for storm repairs or questions on preparation, contact us today!

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