Spotting Hail Damage

May 8, 2020 | Education

We’ve had some incredible storms in the Lowcountry lately. High winds, rain, and even hail have fallen all over the area, leaving varying degrees of damage to property, and it’s not even officially storm season yet. We tend to forget hail falls here, even with warm temperatures. As a result, we often find ourselves dealing with hail damage when it’s too late to fix it. So how should you go about spotting hail damage? Here are some tips from the pros at Southline Roofing.

Check the Metal

Most metal roofing components are soft metal, so they will show impact damage from hail. Taking a quick look at these components, such as metal roof vents, can show you impact marks to indicate hail impacts. This won’t tell you the full damage, but it will give you an idea that you’ve been hit and should probably seek an inspection.

Missing, Cracked, or Bruised

Hail impacts result in one of three conditions for the shingles on your roof. Some places may show an impact similar to the metal components (bruising). The problem with looking for bruising is it often can’t be seen and needs to be felt for instead. You might also notice missing patches of shingles or cracks. These are all indications that hail has had a significant impact on your roof during a storm.

But What Now?

These checks are a great way for you to verify that hail impacts have happened, and some damage has occurred. Spotting hail damage doesn’t have to be difficult, but it can be tricky. The full depth of that damage can be hard to determine without experience, so we recommend you talk with your trusted roofing expert, and even arrange an inspection to make sure your home is safe, sound, and ready to weather the storm.

We Don’t Roof Around…With Your Home, Or Your Health

At Southline Roofing and Exteriors, we know that the current state of the world is scary, but your roofing needs haven’t stopped. In order to better serve you, our team is using the best in technology and techniques to provide service where you don’t need to come into close contact with us. From satellite estimates to proper sanitizing processes, we’re not roofing around with your health. Contact us today to learn more!





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