Three New Year’s Resolutions For Your Roof

Dec 27, 2021 | Education

‘Tis the season to be nice, and for setting out to be a better person in the next twelve months ahead.

Making a New Year’s Resolution to become a better person, of course, comes in all different sorts of forms. There could be certain traits or characteristics you want to work on. Maybe you want to have more patience with people you don’t agree with. Or maybe you just want to work on being more succinct and timely with all that you do. We all have things to work on, and spending time figuring out how to improve yourself is one of the best gifts you can give yourself this holiday season.

But when you’re done drawing yourself a road map for how to be a better version of yourself, you should also take a few minutes to think about how to treat your roof better this next year! The lifespan of your roof can depend on human behavior just as much as natural elements, and if you do just a few simple things, you can position your roof to hang in there for years to come.

Here are three New Year’s Resolutions you can make to help benefit your roof this next year.

Schedule a roof inspection at some point in 2022

If there’s a crack, a hole, or a leak in your roof, you are not likely to know about it until it’s too late and you see water dripping inside your home. A professional roofer, on the other hand, is trained to safely navigate the dangers of a slanted roof, and physically examine the entire structure to make sure nothing is wrong with it. If it turns out that the roofer does find something wrong, he or she is equipped to address it quickly- and at a much less expensive cost to you than the combination of repairing your roof and fixing potential water damage would be.

If you see (or hear something) that may be a problem for your roof, do something about it

One of the major keys to a healthy roof is being proactive. If you see a puddle of water on the floor, ask around to make sure nobody spilled a glass and that the water is not a result of a leak. If you hear something make an audible thud on your roof, go outside and check it out to make sure that no damage was done. It’s almost always going to cost you less to fix problems if you catch them early, rather than after the damage has been done.

Ensure your gutters work properly

If your gutters are not able to do their jobs properly, any water (frozen or liquid) that forms on your roof is liable to weigh down your roof. Without a functional gutter system for the water to roll down and into, and thus off your roof, the extra weight on your roof can become very problematic. Most professional roofers will be able to inspect your gutters as a part of their roof inspection.

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