Why You Should Get Your Roof Inspected To Start The New Year

Jan 10, 2022 | Education

In our previous blog post, we talked about how to be proactive with your roof, and have a professional roofer inspect your roof to make sure there are no real weak spots on it that could lead to issues later. Naturally, catching dents or cracks in your roof ahead of time and having them repaired before any damage is done is far less expensive than paying to repair water damage inside your house because of a leak- and then still having to pay for roof repairs on top of it.

So with that said, don’t wait any longer- give your roof the gift of a clean bill of health to start the new calendar year!

Repairing your roof sooner rather than later gives you peace of mind for the whole year

Typically, roof inspections should be done once a year in order to ensure that your roof remains in at least adequate condition, and can protect the inside of your house from Mother Nature. Unless the roof inspection turns up the fact that there are fissures or holes in your roof, one inspection a year should be sufficient. In most cases, though, what should be done eventually is best done immediately, as putting off something that will ultimately be necessary anyway simply gives potential problems more time to fester. And that’s the case with your roof. What could just be a minor crack in your shingle in January could develop into a completely broken shingle as a result of a garden variety tropical storm in July. If the weather forecast calls for a tropical storm within the next week or two, roof inspections are suddenly going to be in high demand, making it harder for you to have your roof inspected by a professional. Getting your roof checked out fairly early into the year can help you avoid both of those things, and give you the peace of mind you’ll need when hurricane season approaches.

Winter is often the easiest time to schedule a roof inspection

As hinted at just above, tropical storms typically come around throughout the spring and summer. In addition to that, some people (mostly in parts of the country that receive snow) prefer to have their roofs inspected toward the end of fall to gear up for winter. But very few people see the months of January or February as the ideal time to schedule a roof inspection. It’s true that the winter does provide some potential complications for roofers, not the least of which is the propensity for ice to add a whole new element of danger to the roof inspection procedure, but as long as the temperature sits comfortably above the freezing point of 32 degrees Fahrenheit (in the mid-forties or higher), the winter is actually a great time to have your roof checked out. It’s generally regarded as the slow season for roofers, meaning both parties can easily find an optimal time that’s convenient to have the job done!

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