Do New Roofs Add Value?

Jan 10, 2020 | Roof Information

When you think about a new roof you probably think about the cost, the inconvenience, and the stress of making the decisions. Do new roofs add value? That’s a common question homeowners ask. Since this is the question that causes so much stress, we thought we’d answer it for you, by giving you three ways a new roof does add value to your home.


The basic reason for a roof is to provide cover and shelter for your home. Leaks and defects in the roof often start small but then grow, often quite quickly. If your roof is older, or the damage more severe, then a new roof might be the best solution to provide security and protection for your home, your valuables, and your family.


Not only is your roof an important part of keeping the things under it safe, but it’s also a major part of your home’s insulation. Choosing the right materials can reduce the heat in your home, decreasing the need for air conditioning and reducing your electric bill. The same is true for heating as well. Roofing technology gets better as time goes on, so for older homes with older roofs, this can be a huge change.

Cash Value

The latest data from Remodeling Magazine shows that a new roof can add up to $15,000 of resale value to your home. When you do go to sell your home, the roof will be a major concern for inspections and sale price. Needing to replace a roof on a property can really hurt the value. The math is simple, a new roof increases the cash value of your home, in addition to all the other value it provides.

We Don’t Roof Around

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