How Long Can You Expect Your Roof To Last?

Mar 22, 2022 | Roof Information

When you’re looking to purchase something, one of the obvious questions you likely have concerns the lifespan of the product you’re getting. Nobody likes being wasteful, and nobody likes not getting their money’s worth out of items that they spend their hard-earned money on- whether that’s shoes, watches, sports equipment… or the roof over their house.

Of course, as is the case with most things in life, a roof’s lifespan can depend on a variety of factors, many of which are not in your control. But for the most part, here’s what you can expect out of your roof.

Take care of your roof, and it will last longer

How you take care of your roof can go a long way toward determining how long it lasts. For example, pressure washing your roof is typically not considered to be a good idea and annual inspections are necessary to keep it in tip-top shape.

You also have to account for unusually strong storms. If a Category 3 hurricane batters your house, a roof that was installed four months ago isn’t likely to fare much better than one that was installed six years ago.


A good life expectancy for a shingled roof is 15-30 years

Assuming you’re a responsible homeowner and assuming your house doesn’t get hit by a ferocious storm, your roof should be able to last for at least fifteen years, possibly up to thirty years, and maybe even longer if it’s taken care of properly. Of course, for a roof to last more than thirty years would require annual roof inspections to detect and address potential problems such as mold or dents and Mother Nature sparing your house from destruction, but it is possible.

If you really want your shingled roof to last a long time, make an investment in premium shingles. As their name would suggest, they’re more expensive, but roofs consisting of premium shingles can last for as long as four decades.

A good life expectancy for a metal roof

The ultimate bang for your buck when it comes to a roof is one made of metal. These can last anywhere from 40 years to an entire lifetime! Part of why they can be expected to last longer is the fact that they’re significantly more durable than roofs made of shingles. To boot, most metal roofs are made of recycled materials, and these recycled materials can be used again after their time is up.

The downsides to metal roofs, though, might outweigh the benefits for you. They’re usually twice as expensive as shingled roofs, and in some cases even more. They’re also prone to generate quite a racket in the midst of a rainstorm. As is the case with most things in life, there are pros and cons.

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