How Often Should You Replace Your Skylight?

Jul 7, 2023 | Roof Information

A skylight is a great way to bring natural light into your home. Whether you’re looking for a way to brighten up your living room or turn an underutilized space into a sun-filled one, a skylight can help. It’s one of the simplest accessories a roof can have, and it’s relatively cheap to install.

Unfortunately, as is the case with most things in life, it won’t last forever- and as such, you as the homeowner have to be a little extra vigilant.

How Long Will A Skylight Last?

The answer depends on several factors, including where you live and what kind of roofing material you have- and if your house has been victimized by a storm since you installed it. However, in general, you can expect to replace your skylight every ten or fifteen years or so. That means if you just recently installed one, you should replace it within fifteen years.

Though some of the better models can last longer than that, it’s important to note that it’s not worth waiting for it to start facing issues before getting a new one. Maintaining a skylight that’s more than fifteen years old can be expensive; in fact, it might actually be cheaper to just install a brand new skylight than to perform various repairs on the old one. It’s not an exact science, but the fifteen-year mark is usually the point in time at which the cost of repairs begins to rival the cost of installing a new skylight.

What Factors Can Determine How Long A Skylight Will Last?

More generally, the life of a skylight depends on how it’s constructed and the quality of materials used. It’s difficult to determine exactly how long the average skylight will last because so many factors can affect its lifespan, including size, material, location, and use. Typically, they’re made of glass or plastic; glass is more durable than plastic, but it can be more expensive to replace if broken or damaged.

In some cases, your skylight may have been damaged by something outside of its control—a storm or an accident. In other cases, the damage can be the result of improper installation or improper maintenance. For example:

-If your skylight is leaking water from around its edges or from its joints, you need to repair or replace it as soon as possible because moisture can cause structural damage over time.

-If your skylight has cracks that extend into the frame and prevent it from closing properly, you should consider replacing it. Cracks could allow water in during rainstorms, which could lead to mold growth inside your home’s walls over time if not addressed immediately.

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