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Your roof is the most important component of your most valuable asset; your home. As such, when you notice something that seems strange, it could be a sign that you need emergency roof repairs. Southline Roofing & Exteriors has been performing emergency roof repairs for Mount Pleasant homeowners since 2007, and if you think your roof may require some, we’d be more than happy to help.

emergency roof repair

Signs You May Need Emergency Roof Roof Repairs

Any of a number of different things might tell you you need emergency roof repair. These include:


High energy bills

It’s natural for your energy bills to rise as your roof ages. But abrupt and large-scale increases in your energy bill might mean something is need of being fixed quickly.


Missing shingles

Empty, barren spaces on your roof mean that a shingle (or shingles) has blown away or been destroyed, and that means your home is not protected from water damage. This is something that requires emergency roof repairs.


A leaking roof

If you notice water dripping down inside your home, it’s a near certainty that your roof has sprung a leak. This could cost thousands of dollars in damages if not addressed immediately.


Visible roof damage

If you can plainly spot damage to your roof, there’s no need to consider any other factor: you need emergency roof repairs.


Your gutters have shingle granules in them

Granule will slowly wear off of your shingles as they age, but if large amounts of them suddenly begin appearing in your gutters, it likely means there’s an issue that needs to be fixed.


Vegetation on your roof

Plantlife needs water to grow, and if you see some on your roof, it means that your roof has a presence of water that shouldn’t be there. It’s hard to know what damages are present with a quick glance, so it’s best to have professionals look at it when you notice it.


Damaged or missing flashings

Flashings are what protect the seams that hold two flat panes together. If they’ve sustained damage, it could compromise the structure of your roof.

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Fully Licensed, Fully Insured, Fully Bonded

Mount Pleasant homeowners have trusted our team at Southline Roofing & Exteriors to perform emergency roof repairs for almost twenty years for good reason. We’re fully licensed, insured, and bonded, and we back up our work with a warranty. If your home is in need of emergency roof repairs, don’t wait- call our team at Southline Roofing & Exteriors today for a free estimate.


Many companies like to talk about what they can do for their customers. At Southline Roofing & Exteriors, we’d much rather show you. Feel free to browse through our photo gallery, and take a look at some of the new roofs we’ve installed for our customers in Mount Pleasant!

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Brian Diehl
Brian Diehl
04:21 15 Feb 23
100% happy with the service and roof installed on our home! The team is very professional and extremely knowledgeable. I sleep better at night knowing i have a great roof. The entire neighborhood is impressed with the great looking transformation our shingle selection made for the house. Thank you all! And I will recommend/call again! #SALUTE
Angela Smith
Angela Smith
15:41 29 Sep 22
We had a home inspection done as part of selling our home and needed some roof repairs done. Southline Roofing came very highly recommended. Kevin Cox with Southline came out to the house the next day to look at the repairs needed and actually did the repairs that day. He also did a full roof inspection to go along with the report that we needed for the buyers. Kevin was very professional, prompt and knowledgeable about the repairs we needed. I highly recommend Southline Roofing and especially Kevin for your roofing needs. They are the best!
James Tasse
James Tasse
14:42 24 Sep 22
Ignacio from Southline Roofing came out and did an estimate on replacing our roof shingles earlier this year. I think Southline was comparable to the other companies cost-wise, but Ignacio took some extra time to explain my options. He even mentioned that there had been some hail damage in the area in the past, and that I might be able to claim at least some of the cost of a new roof if it were to happen again.I waited a few months, but after we got no hail, I decided I would rather not let a hurricane reveal the weaknesses in my old roof. I was able to schedule the work with Yobana, who was very nice, within a few weeks, and they came out to do the install on time. The work took a little longer than expected, but I didn't mind because they did a good job with cleaning everything up.Would use them again for sure!
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