How Hail Damage Can Affect Your Roof

Jul 25, 2022 | Education

We’ve had a particularly rainy season in the Lowcountry this summer. Believe it or not, many of these rain storms can also come with hail. This hail combined with the high-speed winds accompanying storms is a recipe for disaster when it comes to your roof and siding.


You might be wondering how severely hail can affect your house. During the summer, hail is often fairly small and might not even be noticeable during an otherwise heavy rain storm. But, even the smallest hail storms can cause roof and siding damage.


What Does Hail Damage Do?


When a big hail storm hits, you might notice the obvious damage of a broken window or a hole in your siding. However, many other damages can be caused by hail storms that might go unnoticed at first.


Shingle Cracks


Shingle cracks are very common with hail storms and intense winds. These shingle cracks cause exposure to your roof, lessening its ability to protect your home against severe weather in the future.

granule loss on roof as a result of hail damage

Loss of Granule

Granule is the topmost layer of roofing shingles, and it is necessary to slow the aging process of your roof. Hail damage can tear off this layer, making your roof more susceptible to accelerated aging. 

Fiberglass Fractures


Additionally, hail storms can cause fractures in your roof’s fiberglass. This damage is hard to detect without the eye of a professional, but it can result in severe tears that lessen the structural quality of your roof. 


How Do I Identify Hail Damage?


If you suspect that your home may have suffered damage from a recent hail storm, there are a couple of ways you can inspect your house to see if it has been affected by hail. First, check your gutters. If you notice any dents, there is a high chance your house, and your roof, have been struck by hail. You can also inspect your siding to look for scrapes and dings as well, as this is yet another indicator of hail damage.

This hail damage is hard to detect, so it’s best to have a trained professional take care of the job for you. Are you in need of immediate roofing repairs or a roof replacement? The team at Southline Roofing is here to help. Contact us today!

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